Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

I actually didn't realize that today was Friday the 13th until about an hour ago, when a co-worker emailed me a research paper to proof-read. As I began to go through the motions of saving my edits to the document, I noticed the ominous date in the filename. A quick glance at the calendar on the wall confirmed it for me. I can't believe I didn't put it together on my own. I knew it was Friday, and even had a vague idea of the actual date, but alas... I seem to be oblivious to the date until I need to print it on a form, or a cheque, or something.

So what does today actually mean? For me, it used to mean that I'd make an attempt at watching the popular series of slasher films, which followed the life and crimes of a "frightened retard*" in a hockey mask. These days, I feel as though I've watched them all so many damn times that it's no longer an option. They are mostly crap, anyway, save for the wave of nostalgia that washes over me when Jason Voorhees impales yet another copulating couple on a giant, metal rod. I grew up on corny, 80's horror, and as such, it will always hold a special place in my heart.

National Geographic offers a condensed version of the history behind the superstitions associated with Friday the 13th -- nothing I hadn't heard before, but for the sake of documentation, I decided to post a link to it here.

If you'd rather sit and stew in the blood of the scores of unwed teenagers who have fallen to Jason's machete, OMG Horror has posted a fitting tribute (complete with "Top 10 Kills" video) to Monsieur Voorhees. Cheesy as the series ultimately became, its creators succeeded in providing our culture with a truly recognizable and memorable icon.

Jason Voorhees strikes a hunky pose

He even had his own video game, playable on the original NES.

Defeating the 8-bit version of Jason was almost as difficult
as going toe-to-toe with the real thing. The counsellors were slow,
and uncoordinated as all Hell, and seemed to exist for the exclusive
purpose of being killed (thus ending the game, and my fun).

* Friday the 13th Part II

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