Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Cat With Hands (2001)

Last night, as I slumbered, I had a strange dream
One that seemed to bring distant friends near
I dreamt of the faces of people I loved
And I awoke with an 'eart full of cheer

Recently, my paws came upon* the spine-tingling short, THE CAT WITH HANDS, and the brilliantly-realized nightmare world created therein continues to haunt my unguarded moments. Part live-action exchange between a rot-mouthed old man and his young assistant on the dreary, English countryside, and part sumptuous, animated feast of imagined terror, the film lends a macabre, new meaning to the old adage about cats and tongues. You know the one...

This time, you can not count on me to give it all away, other than to say that this film is a real dark chocolate treat for the senses, although super-short at just over 3 minutes long. Creator Robert Morgan apparently snatched the idea from a recurring dream that plagued his sister: "a cat with human hands chased her and some friends around a graveyard. When it touched them, with those hands, the girls turned into spastics."**

Make sure the window is cracked enough to admit the scent of burning leaves, grab your favourite afghan from the closet, and enjoy this visually stunning, Poe-flavoured morsel!

5/5 Kitty Skulls ... Pick of the litter!

* Thanks, Karswell
* Source: No fat clips!!!


CRwM said...

What a gem, from the almost silent-era title card to the song at the end. Thanks for hipping me to this.

Kitty LeClaw said...

CRWM: I agree! Art, in the truest sense. Alas, the only thing I seem to be able to make from my nightmares is a mess in my pantaloons!

Anonymous said...

That was really creepy - loved it!

Killer Demon Kittens with Hands = Genius!

Mr. Karswell said...

Three BIG sixes!!