Thursday, February 19, 2009

Claws of Horror [1954]

Gather 'round the fire (okay, so it's a lighter), and familiarize yourselves with the LeClaw family secret: humanoid vampire cats!!! The dashing American explorer could never have anticipated the fur-raising fate that awaited him when he wished to be bound by love to Grandmother Elise "forever."

CLAWS OF HORROR was plucked from Horrific #9, published way back in 1952. Killer Kittens was able to post this classic romantic spine-chiller thanks to the always-generous longboxes of Karswell -- Host Utmost of the Rondo-nominated The Horrors of it All. From now until February 22, THOIA is serving up tales from the Horrific series, so git on over while the eatins are still warm! Why not begin the meal with A GLIMPSE OF THE PIT?

"Let the claws take effect!"


Karswell said...

Your intro is even better than the story! You definitely got the best Horrific story of the week between here and THOIA, and I hope my readers pay you a visit, (psst! I left them a trail of crumbs so be gentle!)

Mr. Cavin said...

Some things I'll never understand: 1) Why do heroic explorers take so long to grasp a situation? "...walking erect. Thinking creatures! Am I insane..." You'd think he'd have noticed these weren't exactly seven-pound housecats during the previous four frames. 2) Why would anyone presented with the ability to transform into a badass humanoid vampire cat by a scorching hot nineteen fifties hottie fatale resist? Sheesh.

Something I do understand, however, is dialog: "Oh Dick! You shouldn't have come!" And if that doesn't foreshadow her transformation into a pussy on the final page, I don't know what might've.

Kitty LeClaw said...

Thanks again, Kars (thass what all your peeps call you - can I call you Kars, too?), for the great kitty-themed story! After reading it, I found myself feeling a little sad that there aren't really tribes of humanoid vampire cats wandering around. That would be cool...

I totally missed the Dick/come bit that Mr. Cavin has noted here. I blame catnip.

Price said...

My favorite line is "you imps of Satan". I also love how much he likes to talk out loud whilst fighting.

Very great story though, would've made for a great Tale From the Crypt.