Saturday, July 18, 2009

Reiko the Zombie Shop (2005)

"The Zombie Shop opens the eyes of the dead,
lets them speak their final truths, and,
most importantly, gets paid!"

Reiko Himezono is not your average teenage girl. Behind her beautiful, heavily-lashed eyes exists a talent so powerful that she is able to charge people large sums of money just to behold it. You see, Reiko has a direct line to Satan himself, who assists her in her mission to "zombify" the dead in order to settle unfinished business in the land of the living. Reiko Himezono... the Zombie Shop!

In most of the cases Reiko is involved with, the zombies-to-be have recently died under suspicious circumstances. Mysterious suicides, decaying rock stars, abused children -- she's seen it all, and when the bloodthirsty zombies she awakens come to un-life, she handles the corpse-raising situations that ensue with an irresistible sense of pure, unaffected cool. Each of Reiko's diabolical adventures ominously lead to her final, bloody battle against Saki Yurikawa, the butchering Big Sister.

Once I began reading this speedily-paced collection of diabolical tales (published by Dark Horse Manga), I couldn't put the book down! Panel after panel of Rei Mikamoto's stunning artwork is as gory as it is gorgeous. Thanks to the astoundingly generous Karswell of The Horrors of it All, I was able to enjoy, scan, and now present here at Killer Kittens From Beyond The Grave a sampling of this work which is so dazzling and disgusting, sickening and seductive...

Reiko the Zombie Shop: Act I
Remember to read the panels Tokyo-style, from right to left!


The Frog Queen said...

Cool! Can hardly wait to read it.

Did someone say Dark Horse Comics? Hum.....they are down the street from me :)

Sorry, but it is the ONLY positive thing I can say about living in Milwaukie Oregon. :)

Thanks so for sharing.


Kitty LeClaw said...

'Allo, Queen!

I can almost guarantee you'll enjoy this nifty, little hack-n-slash. Witty, gritty, excellent!

Thanks for stopping by :o)

Karswell said...

Nice review Kitty, and good looking scans tew!

So far Dark Horse has put out 6 volumes from this series, not sure if they're planning more, doesn't look like it anyway since the last volume came out a few years ago.

Kitty LeClaw said...

To Karswell: None of the last years' worth of posts here would have been possible without yew...

Karswell said...

Iz all for yew Sharian!

Kitty LeClaw said...

Stephian... nothing like a trip back to the beginning to make one feel even more desire to get to the end.