Friday, August 14, 2009

Tapestry (タペストリー)

I sincerely hope you didn't eat too much Meow Mix for breakfast this morning, as I have a special, Friday treat! After spending the last eight minutes and fifty-three seconds in dumbfounded awe of this beautifully visceral piece of YouTube meat, I found myself overwhelmed by the compulsion to share it with cat fanciers here at Killer Kittens From Beyond The Grave.

Tapestry (タペストリー) is an animated horror short, brilliantly crafted by illustrator/animator Kenny Wynne, dealing with: "the issues of war, peace and the effects they have on one person's mind." Admittedly, it was the collection of sinister pussycats which completely sold me on this stunning example of video art.

Watch as your future is torn to shreds!


Lily Strange said...

Wow, that is cool! The stuff of dreams--or nightmares. Sometimes the line is fuzzy.
Pun not intended, but will be kept!

KPWNINJA said...
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Kitty LeClaw said...

It was a great piece, Mr. Ninja! I was happy to present it here. Please keep up the fabulously frightful work!