Friday, December 4, 2009

Terror of the Cat-Men (1952)

"Help us! We are not cats!"

When American army buddies Sandy Lake and Steve Hannan travel to argentina to make their fortunes, they both fall head over heels for the beautiful Senorita Del Faro. Known to the natives as The Cat Woman, the striking seductress is suspected of witchcraft. According to the frightened townspeople, those who dared to seek out her hacienda atop Mount Homono had a nasty habit of vanishing without a trace! Behold: the Terror of the Cat-Men!

This feline frightener comes Dark Mysteries No. 5, and was kindly donated by the generous Karswell of The Horrors of it All. As noted in the final panel, there's nothing like a little propaganda to keep the masses in line!


Lysdexicuss said...

Gorgeous splash page~ so many cool cats~! We need more Wildey art in our multiple 9 lives~!

Mike H said...

I adore precode cat horror! This is one of the greats!

Karswell said...

Doug Wildey is a favorite of mine too, and the Cat-Men definitely found a good home here with Kitty!

Obey, Cat-Men! Obey!