Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blood on Her Lips (1953)

A scheming she-wolf stalks a dashing, young Mountie as he treks through the frigid Canadian wilderness to catch a fur-trappin' murderer. It's man versus beast and the elements, as Corporal Dennis Keefe fights for his life in a harsh, unforgiving landscape.

Thanks to The Horrors of it All for this four-legged frightener from Journey Into Fear No. 11. From puck-shootin' ghouls, to werewolves prowling the tundra, Karswell has kindly provided all the essential tools needed to fill my Sub-Zero Survival Kit!

So, put on your mittens, slap on your touque, and get ready to taste the BLOOD ON HER LIPS... And for those who really wanna wolf-out, be sure to check out THOIA for yet another tale from the lycanthrope files, WEREWOLF OF THE ALPS. It's Wolfy Wednesday!!!


Mr. Cavin said...

Dang, I sure hope I remember to trail off into a pencil flatline when I'm writing my own death note. That's so classic.

Thank you to the whole alliterative duo of Karswell and Kitty for the global werewolf double-feature today. So totally badass.

Kitty LeClaw said...

"alliterative duo of Karswell and Kitty"

Hehehe. Our real names are alliteriffic, as well! And all RCMP officers are bound by contract to die in that fashion. Puffy pants, funny hats, and pencil flatlines: Oh, Canada!

Karswell said...

A brave Mountie always gets his man! Er, were-wo-man I mean...

I am pleased that Mr C came by here today, you Dear Friend are also one of the brave ones, and the Bad Ass K Duo salutes you with flying Devil Horns (dipped in blood of course, eh...)

blackwalnut2001 said...

Greetings Kitty,

Zapped over on the advice of the Kars at THOIA to witness another dose of Wednesday were-something pre-code.

Terrific story, especially the side trip she took to bring our hero to her cabin rather than just noshing on him on the spot. A polite she-wolf never eats anyone with whom she is not properly acquainted.

"The fellows thought I was vain when I ordered silver buttons on my new tunic!" How relieved I am that he EXPLAINED that. For a minute, I thought there might be a HOLE IN THE PLOT.

Very attractive blog (and blogette, I might add).

Thanks for the post!

Emby Quinn said...

Just another wanderer from THOIA here. *waves to Kittygirl*

What a stupid werewolf bitch. I mean, seriously. They had him dead to rights at the bad guy's campsite, yeah? So why lure him to her cabin, drug him, give him time to sleep it off, and THEN come back with the pack to 86 him?

And, yeah, those silver buttons really DID save his life...for five whole minutes. He must write quick or something.

Still, a fun read. Awoooo!!!