Friday, December 19, 2008

Rasputin and the Princess

A voluptuous blonde playfully disrobes, then settles herself upon a coffin-like structure for a statuesque nap. A lurking monster appears, ravages her, and then gently sets her back upon her pedestal for sleepies once again! The bombshell awakens to discover that the fearsome scene was merely a nightmare... Or, was it?

was released as an archival short with THE CURIOUS DR. HUMPP SPECIAL EDITION (2000) by those cwazy wabbits at Something Weird Video. While not quite as WTF? OMG! HOT! as the film's other vintage smut offering, THE GIRL AND THE SKELETON, this 7 minute clip features plenty of music, dancing, and monstrousness!

As with all online video clips featuring the (mostly) undressed female form, please be sure to watch while supplies last. And, don't forget to enjoy!


CRwM said...

Huhn. A nudie-ballet. Who would have thought it?

Karswell said...

I always forget what a great dancer my grandma was until I watch this.

How about Joi Lansing trapped in a scopitone Web of Love while we're at it?