Friday, September 11, 2009

Soylent White

Soylent White is... delicious!!! Oh, and it may or may not also be made out of people.

To make your own Soylent White, you need to get out your instructions for making Pina Coladas. Or, you can follow these handy directions here:

  • Pour 1 cup of Pina Colada mix (I used Mr. & Mrs. T, but I'm sure they are all pretty much the same) into a blender.

  • Add 1-2 cups of ice (depending upon how much of a "slushy" mood you happen to be in) to the very same blender.

  • Add 2-4 ounces of white rum (I like Bacardi, probably because of their cool bat logo) to the coconutty/icy mixture.

  • Blendus maximus.

Now, you have yourself a fine Pina Colada. But we're not making Pina Coladas. We're making Soylent White.

To complete the recipe for Soylent White, you simply need to:

  • Add people.

  • Pour into a fun glass that looks like it could be easily tipped over.

  • Enjoy!

Oh, and here's some further information about that other
concoction you may have heard of.
I think they're calling it Soylent Green?


Lily Strange said...

I want Soylent White! Only after the first one you have to leave out the rum unless you want to find me wrapped around your toilet in the morning. I really cannot hold my liquor.

Pax Romano said...

I am going to whip this drink up tomorrow night - I have some spare body parts laying about...

Kitty LeClaw said...

Lily: One at a time is good advice when it comes to Soylent White. Any more than that makes me Soylent Sick, as well!

Pax: If anybody interesting turns up in your mug, you have to post pics!

Organic Meatbag said...

Soylent White could very well have saved Charleton Heston's life!