Saturday, May 31, 2008

Horror House: Treats!

At least 50% of the dastardly downloads I have searched for in the last month have been available through Horror House, a damn fine film blog lovingly tended by Vampirella. The selection of material available through her blog is easily one of (if not the) best I have had the pleasure of browsing through. Not only is there a great volume of treats on the table, but the quality and caliber of the films on offer are indicative of the webmistress' discerning eye for good old bloody horror.

Currently, my high speed cable modem is feasting on an order Witchery, a poorly plotted yet hightly entertaining flick with a witchy/Satanic flavour starring Linda Blair and David Hasselhoff. Perhaps the bizarre casting combination may be too much for my adult brain to handle?

This blog very quickly became one of my most hallowed haunts. Beware the overdose of blogflare, and dive in to the vast collection of films available (for preview purposes only). If you don't check out Horror House for yourself, do it for the demons lurking in the darkness, waiting for your resistance to be worn away by a steady diet of rot-gut horror.


Tenebrous Kate said...

*gasp* It's a "Witchery" kind of week, isn't it? I just made mention of that movie today. Weeeeird... That mouth-sewing scene squicked the bejeezus out of me when I saw that flick as a more delicate, far younger version of myself.

Kitty LeClaw said...

F'reals? Dem shits be sp0000k3333! I watched it with my sister last night, and MAN!!! Plot-wise, it was a lot worse than I remembered. Grody effects-wise, it was a lot better than I remembered. I actually had to turn away for a split second of the mouth-sewing scene. The Devil Rape Scene was rather offputting, as well. After the movie ended, I noted that the Linda Blair going through the window scene was a definite nod to The Exorcist, and probably the basis for the entire movie. And... how *awesome* was D-Hoff's death scene? I need that shit printed on a t-shirt, like, immediately.