Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Left My Heart in Frankensteinia

My love affair with Mary Shelley's monster and his creator began in early childhood with late-night horror showings on television. I simply couldn't get the aesthetic of James Whale's 1931 classic out of my mind. With the addition of the hauntingly beautiful Elsa Lanchester as the monster's unwilling bride in the 1935 sequel, the Frankenstein Empire claimed a special place in my heart. I cherish the excitement, the fright, and the poignant sense of sadness that the films and literature send rushing through me when I think of Frankenstein's Monster. Did I mention that Bride of Frankenstein was released on my birthday?

Frankensteinia is an insightful collection of writings and imagery, lovingly compiled in honour of one of the most recognizable monsters the world has ever known. It is meticulously focused on: "Tracking Frankenstein and all things related in the arts, media and popular culture." I can spend (have spent) hours exploring the masterfully-crafted content featured on this brilliant blog.

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