Friday, July 11, 2008

I Can Haz Michael Myers?

As irrelevant as it may be at this juncture, I decided to post this photograph, anyway.

Last weekend, my sister picked up several DVDs from one of our local trading posts, and among the selection was Rob Zombie's Halloween. I will probably never get around to posting my comments on this film, as I just don't know that I have the stomach for it. Regardless of the level of disappointment I felt inside while re-watching RZH (I caught it when it opened in theatres), I can't seem to rid my mind of the pasty-white face of William Shatner with a mess of scraggly, brown hair sewn on top.

I've got Michael Myers on the brain, bitches!

Most people don't know this, but he is actually much shorter in person than he appears on film.

Kitty with Miniature Michael Myers
Halloween, 2007

Isn't that the sweetest homemade raccoon costume you've ever seen? My tail was made from a crazy, fur hat I picked up at the Salvation Army (for $1), cut, and spray-painted. Truly, it was legend.


aunt john said...

While I adore your costume choice (up with raccoons!), I am not too sure that I approve of you co-mingling with that unsavory character. From what I understand, he likes to stalk the pitchwoman for Activia Yogurt. You be careful, my darling Kitty!

Kitty LeClaw said...

Aunt John: Your warning is well heeded, but perhaps it is Myers who should fear me. After all, I could have rabies, but I could be a new breed of Killer Raccoon From Outer Space... All hail my tail!

Karswell said...

Very cute... wait, which one of you is the raccoon again?

Kitty LeClaw said...